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Realizing a need to quickly and accurately present a shooting solution on a compound bow for both hunting and target shooting, we set out to do just that.

Our company “Sure Sight” was founded in the process of developing our automatic bow sight over a five year period, a journey which has had many electronic, mathematical, hardware and technical challenges. A specialist dedicated project team of technical designers, software engineers and engineering plastic specialists have been part of the project development team with the founding members, from infancy to completion.

Our goal to produce a top class, reliable and user friendly bow sight that would not only make archery easier, but would improve your confidence and accuracy by at least 50%, has resulted in forming a company based on good Biblical business ethics and trust. With this foundation we are not only proud, but it is our pleasure to bring to market a quality sight designed and manufactured by a South African company to endure the harsh African and other demanding international hunting conditions.

Our adopted slogan, Champions keep playing until they get it

right – not only suits the ethos of the archery and hunting fraternity but explains our journey in creating this remarkable product.

make every shot count

whether you are a novice, intermediate or

a professional archer,


Sure sight will improve your averages

and boost your confidence.

 New release V6.1


Its not only it’s ability to quickly range and present the correct shooting dot with a resolution of only 0.5mm, but the tiny, very visible blue shooting dot itself.

In bright sunlight, when conditions are really good for the optics on a conventional adjustable
single pin or multi-pin sight, you still have the issue of the pin-arm’s cluttering a portion of your target, making it hard to distinguish your exact point of aim. This problem is exaggerated when you use any pin-sight in low light conditions. The addition of a sight light often helps to alleviate the problem, but you still have to navigate around the pin arms.
Using a Sure Sight gives you the advantage of having a clear view of your target, with only a distinct shooting dot visible.

Due to popular request we have now released a second version of our sight THE (V6.1)

The V6.1 incorporates an adjustable single pin, as well as a multi pin configuration which automatically sets your 20/30/40/50 and 60 yard pins, eliminating the frustration of spending hours setting your individual pins.
The V6.1 has no laser or rangefinder, so if you have a trusted rangefinder or shoot at known distances, your V6.1 will present you with the correct clear shooting dot by simply inputting your target distance, or you can switch to a multi-pin configuration with one press of the trigger button

  Below are realistic day light and low light representation's of a conventional pin sight

        compared to a Sure Sight V6.1 single pin adjustable or multi-pin configuration 


Notice your clear view (no cluttering) of the target with the Sure Sight, and Because the pins are selected by your shooting program you are confident that they are set up correctly, 

"and as a bonus you will have saved yourself hours of frustration!"




Adding to the cluttering on a conventional sight you will notice the inability to distinguish your exact point of aim, as compared to the distinct shooting dot of the sure sight. And what's more,

the shooting dot's are only visible from the archers line of sight, and the brightness is also adjustable to suit your own needs and environment. In many cases hunters have either lost their prize or simply not been able to take a shot because of the uncertainty in these types of conditions.
These low light conditions are not only at dusk or dawn, but are also common on an overcast day or in a forest or dense bush environments. 

If you prefer to use a single pin adjustable sight, you can switch between modes, and simply enter in your known distance, and your single pin will present its self in the correct position.

With graduations of 0.5mm between shooting pin positions, you will be able to shoot up to 120 yards with extreme accuracy, and because the target is no longer cluttered you will also be able to position your shooting pin on the exact point of aim and that is                                 what makes the



For those who would like to use the Sure Sight and do not have the need for the fully automatic functions, can now purchase the sight without the laser and rangefinder at less than half the price.

And when you are ready for an upgrade, you simply need to send the sight back to us, where we will do the conversion.   

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