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   Operation of the smartest nock in the world 

The Smart Nock turns on and off electronically and does not need any special tools to do this.
The nocks are put to sleep in the factory and will need to be woken up before you use them.
Step 1: Install the nocks into your arrow shaft’s
Step 2: Wake the nock up by allowing it to free fall for more than 1 meter
            i.e. ( lift the nock up above your head, holding the arrow at the                       point drop the arrow, and catch it again at the fletches)          
  The nock will flash 4 times to show it is now awake.
Step 3: Nock the arrow and shoot – the nock will come on and burn solid  for 15 seconds, before beginning to flash.
(It will continue to flash until turned off)
Step 4: Turn the nock off – to turn the nock off you simply give it swift wave, up, down or horizontally.  
The nock will turn off and be in standby mode, waiting for the next activation.
In standby mode a fully charged battery will last about 45 days  before needing a charge.

To put the nock back to sleep:
While the nock is flashing you swipe it once as if to turn off,
wait 2 seconds and then swipe three times in succession.  
The nock will flash 4 times to let you know it is sleeping.
In sleep mode you can use the nock in competition or when you  
just don’t want it to come on,
and when you need to use it  you just let it freefall again.

Track every arrow by leaving the nocks in standby mode
   and watch your progress without binoculars  

: 80% Brighter  

: Rechargeable
: Electronic control

:80% Brighter than any other

: Software engineered program

: Easy on/off and sleep Procedure

: 30 hours of use (on time) per charge

: 15000 hours of on time / 500 charge cycles

: No mechanical moving parts to fail or jam
: Simple hand movements control on/off or - sleep mode,
             no special tools needed

: Use the smart nock for practise /competition and hunting
             no changing the nock between  events
                    or having to re tune your set-up

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