battery safety

Failure to read and follow the battery safety instructions below may result in personal injury, damage to property, electrolyte leak, chemical burn, or fire.

This bow sight is designed to operate using a Lithium Polymer 3.7V, 1.1ah battery, which if treated correctly will give you up to 1000 range finds, and can be recharged more than 500 times. Much like a cell phone, all you need do is plug in your micro USB cable from your PC or alternate 5V DC charger with a USB 5V outlet, always make sure that your USB outlet provides 5V DC. If the battery life has expired and/or the battery is faulty, it must be replaced with the specified battery. 



Never bite on or put batteries in your mouth, this could lead to chemical burns, damage to soft tissue and death.

If digested seek medical help immediately.

 : Never use a sharp object to remove the battery from its casing.

 : Never expose the batteries to fire, explosions or any other hazards.

 : Never try to modify or disassemble the battery.

 : Do not submerse the battery or sight in water or any other liquid.

 : Do not charge or use the sight in temperatures higher than 60”C or    

 lower than -20”C

 : Do not leave the sight or battery in excessively hot conditions.


To dispose of the battery, contact your local waste disposal department and adhere to the local laws and regulations.


For shipping purposes the battery is installed in the bow sight front cover, and needs to be clipped in by the end user.  Be sure to align the connector guides with each other and with the Red wire in the top position, clip the battery connector in. Once you have securely clipped in the battery, make sure that the protective sponge is in place between the battery and the PC board. Using the four screws supplied, attach the battery cover. Be sure to tighten the screws to the specified torque specification (4nm). There will be no need to remove the battery cover again, unless you ever need to replace the battery.


Your battery, once fully charged will last up to 1000 range finds, and can be charged more than 500 times if treated correctly. If, after you turn the sight on and your shooting program has displayed, and the three decimal points flash 3 times, this would indicate that your battery needs a charge.
Plug in your USB charger, a full charge should take no longer than 90 min. When you plug in the USB cable the “Batt” Green LED will come on. You now need to turn the sight on so that the “Batt” Red LED is also on.                                                 

Once the battery is fully charged the “Batt” Red LED will turn off, leaving only the Green LED on……(Fully charged state).

Unplug the USB cable and remember to turn the sight off. If you are going to be using the sight for an extended period and you have not charged the battery for some time, simply give it a charge beforehand, alternatively you can recharge at your destination.

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