Failure to heed the following warnings could result in an     
accident or serious injury

This device should only be used by a responsible person

This bow sight is not a toy, and should not be used by children.
The sight is designed to be installed on the riser of a compound bow, and assist the archer in ranging the distance to a target by automatically adjusting a shooting dot for that target distance. The only time the laser should be on, is when you are ranging the distance to a target that you are about to shoot. The device uses a Class I laser at 905nm for range-finding and a ClassIIIb laser at 532nm for target spotting. Do not point or shine the laser toward anyone, and do not look at the laser.

"It can result in eye injury”


The Laser spotter and range-finder are pre aligned and calibrated in the factory. They have been encapsulated in a potting compound for human safety; they are also enclosed in a protective housing to prevent human access to laser radiation in excess of the accessible emission limit (AEL) for Class I and Class IIIb laser products. DO NOT OPEN LASER ENCLOSURE OR ATTEMP TO ADJUST OR FIDDLE WITH LASER PRODUCTS.

The bow sight is fitted with a safety interlocking key switch located on the back mounting bracket, only when this key switch is turned on will you be able to activate the laser. The safety switch should only be turned on when you are on a range, or have a target area which is deemed safe for shooting. Both the range-finder and target spotting laser can only be activated once the interlocking (safety) key switch has been turned on.

Safety precautions and warnings

Your Bow is a dangerous weapon, and should never be pointed at anyone. When shooting your bow you should always be aware of your surroundings and what may lie behind your target area, never draw your
bow or point your laser onto a target that you are not absolutely sure is
 safe to shoot at. Failing to do this can result in property damage, injury or death!

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