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An automatic bow sight has been talked about for many years now, and it is only recently, that we see these devices coming to market.

Over the last five years Sure Sight and its team have been working on producing a highly reliable and practical user friendly device that will assist archers and hunters alike in ranging a target distance and setting up a shooting dot, which would be accurate in any given situation, and compensate for the shooting angle.


Our Sure Sight has been severely field tested by professional hunters and respected archers over five years, with 6 up-grades. The design and development has been an on-going process by a specialised team of competent electronic engineers, designers, tool makers / converters and international polymer specialists. The sight is compact, sturdy and fit for use in harsh hunting, bush conditions. The materials to mould the bracket and body have been carefully researched and are moulded from high end engineering modified polymers.  The materials and mouldings are specifically engineered for the harsh field conditions experienced when hunting in minus 10 deg c to 50 deg c in rugged environments. Battery life: the battery can give you up to 1000 ranges before requiring a recharge from a USB adaptor or car charging kit. When not in use, turn the sight off. 

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Be sure to align the connector guides with each other with the Red wire in the top position, clip the battery connector in. Make sure that the protective sponge is in place between the battery and the PC board. Using the four screws supplied, attach the battery cover. Be sure to tighten the screws to the specified torque specification (4nm).

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-  Using the two alan screws provided, mount the sight to the riser of your bow        using positions 1,2 or 3 depending on how far forward you would like the sight    to be. 

-  The two mounting holes at the back are for mounting your quiver. Tighten the
Cap screws to the specified torque setting recommended by your bow                    manufacturer. Refer to Figure B.


-   The bow sight is fitted with a safety interlocking key switch located on the back  mounting bracket, only when this key switch is turned on will you be able to        activate the laser. 

-   Both the range-finder and target spotting laser can only be activated once the    interlocking (safety) key switch has been turned on. Refer to Figure B.

Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes


-   In our Extras packet you will find Velcro strips, the extra strips are for mounting    the sight to a second or third bow if you wish to do so.

-   Pull the back layer of the Velcro off, exposing the sticky surface, install the trigger button for easy operation, either on full draw or from the hip position.
-   We recommend that you mount the trigger on the front side of the riser just above the bow handle as shown, in this position you can comfortably press it with your Index finger. 

-   Remember to position the trigger in such a way that the cable does not                obscure  your shooting in any way, if necessary use the cable tie provided to            secure the cable to the riser of your bow. Refer to Figure C.


-   With the safety switch turned on, you can now push the trigger button on the      bow handle. 

-   While the trigger button is pressed the Laser and range-finder will be on, when  the button is released the laser and range-finder will switch off. 

-  While pressing the trigger button point the green laser at your target, it should  take no more than two seconds to locate your target. Once the laser dot is on        the target, release the trigger button, the laser and range-finder will turn off and    the target distance will be displayed in the sight window, as well as the correct    shooting dot.

Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes


-   Setup first starts with a 20 yard pin, to do this, press the power button on your    sight. The sight will perform a quick diagnostic check and will run through all          shooting pins and decimal display, ending off by displaying the stored shooting      program (Default “90”). This sequence will take 5 seconds including displaying        the stored program “90”, once you have changed and stored your shooting            program, that new program number will display when you turn the sight on. 

-   Your 20 yard shooting pin will now be displayed, you can change the brightness    of  this dot by pressing F1 (Function 1) button. “Remember” every time you            turn  the sight on your 20yard shooting pin will be  displayed. 

 -  Nock an arrow and align the arrow and bow string. Use your horizontal slide to position the pin slightly to the left of the arrow and bow string, and for a left hand bow the pin should be slightly to the right of the bow string. This is just a guide to assist in getting close in the initial set-up, and may need to be readjusted, tighten your horizontal slide. The vertical slide should be in the centre position. 

-   When setting up your 20 yard pin, use a target that is big enough to allow for      error up or down, left and right. Now you can use your safety key switch to turn      on the trigger button. 

-   Make sure you are pointed toward the target, press and hold the trigger, you      will see the green laser projected on the target, release the button, the                    distance  will be displayed in the shooting window as well as the blue shooting        dot for that distance, do this a couple of times to familiarise yourself with the          way the sight works. 

-    Move back or forward till you are at 20 yards. There is no need to range for        every shot now, because the 20 yard pin will remain on until you range another      shooting  distance. Mark that location 20 yards and use it to tune your sight.

-   Move your sight in the direction of your error, if you are shooting low, move the  sight down, if you are shooting left, move the sight to the left. 

-   You should make 100% sure that your sight is set up correctly and you have a      good grouping at 20 yards, as this will influence all your shooting pins up to 120      yards, “if you are shooting off at 20 yards the error will be even bigger at                further  distances. “Remember” regardless what program you have selected;          the 20 yard pin will always be displayed and remain in the same position when        he sight is turned on.  (Once you are confident that you are set-up at 20 yards,        tighten the vertical and horizontal slides “4.5-nm” and proceed to select the        correct program)

Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes
vertical and horizontal slide, Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes


-  You are now ready to select the correct shooting program for your set-up.     Although the sight does compensate for angled shots it is important to do the       set-up on fairly level ground. If you know the velocity of your set-up, refer to the     program table and choose our recommended program for your arrow velocity.       This program is only a suggestion and, you may need to select a higher or lower     program. If you are not sure about your arrow velocity use the “Default 90”             program to commence. 

-  Press and hold F2 button for 2 seconds “current program” 90 will be displayed   in the sight window. Use F1 to count down and F2 to count up. When you have      the desired program displaying, press the trigger button to confirm your selection, the new program number will flash three times to confirm.

- Move back about 10 paces and range the target. The ranged distance will display and the new shooting dot will appear and after 2 seconds the ranged distance will turn off. Use the new dot and shoot at least two arrows. If they are high, choose a higher program. If they are low, choose a lower program.

- (Tip) if the error is only 1 or 2 inches move up or down by one or two programs, if the error is bigger choose the program accordingly. 

-  When you are grouping around the center, move back 20 – 30 paces and do the   same. Go up to where you feel comfortable. If you are at say 80 or 90 yards and       shooting accurately, every distance in between will also be in, this means you         have selected the program which suits your arrow trajectory up to that distance.     If your bow set-up is fast enough, i.e. over 300f/second, and you are                         comfortable at further distances you will be able to use the sight up to 120             yards. 


-  Remember once you have selected the correct program for your current set-up,   that program will always be loaded when you turn the sight on. If you make any       changes to your set-up i.e. bow tension or arrow weight, you will need to do           your 20 yard setup again, as well as select a new program suited for your new         arrow trajectory. 

-  When you are not shooting remember to turn the safety key switch off to              prevent any children or irresponsible person playing with the laser,

Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes


-  In the event where you can’t use the laser spotter, you can still use the sight in manual mode. In this case, you can select a distance by doing the following. Press F2 button (short press) distance 40 yards will appear in the shooting window, use F1 to count down and F2 to count up. When the desired distance is displayed, press and releases the trigger button (bow handle). 

-  The shooting dot will move to the new distance and that distance will flash three times. (Remember a long press on F2 will go to program changing mode)

Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes


(GUI) graphical user interface

- In the (very rare) case where you have a shooting program that works well for you, but you seem to be shooting a bit high or low at certain distances e.g.: (between 55 – 65 yards), you can use the terminal software to tweak that shooting program. Refer to diagram below showing the user interface program.

- Distances from 1 to 120 yards have been associated with a specific shooting blue LED, referred to as your shooting “dot”.

- At a distance of 1 yard this program uses shooting dot 37 and 3 yards uses shooting dot 15. The example used is the typical program used for a set-up that has a velocity of around 255f/second, and you will note that it only allows for a distance of 80 yards, the higher your velocity the further you will be able to shoot. (Tip) “It is important to note that not all bows have the same distance between the arrow rest and the sight mount, and for this reason you may need to tweak your program between 1 and 8 yards” i.e. your bow may use shooting dot 35 for 1 yard and dot 18 for two yards. To access the program (GUI), download and install the Suresight software “Installation explanation follows below”. Once installed, simply connect your sight to your computer using your USB cable provided, turn your sight on and then double click the  V6 icon,                       (       Bow Sight_V6.exe )  Note that the RED LED is on, indicating that the battery is charging, when fully charged it will be GREEN . While connected you can read your battery power, illuminate an LED of your choice, download any program to view or compare, and display the current program. Click on “read current”, the current program being used will populate the table and the program number will display in red

 (Program No 90).
You can now change or tweak your program e.g. if your 1 yard pin is shooting high you can choose a higher pin (pin’s start at the top “1” and end at “80” at the bottom) the shooting pins have actual increments of 0.5mm, so if you need to move your dot up by 1mm you would change the LED 37 to LED 35. Once you have made the changes, choose “file/save” in the dropdown menu to save the file on your computer and then select “upload(x1)”, this will upload the changes to the sight. Close the program and unplug your sight, you are good to go.

Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes


-   Download the folder “Suresight V6 package” to your windows based computer, create a folder on your C: drive and name it Bowsight. Save the “Suresight V6 package” to this folder. Open the “Suresight V6 package” folder and Click on the “setup” file to begin the installation.
Follow instructions below.

Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes


- There are many factors that influence the trajectory of an arrow.

The main factors are Draw weight, arrow weight, arrow diameter, fletch size and material. You may have two different bow setups with the same arrow velocity that use different programs because one setup uses a heavier arrow or bigger fletches. The table below is just a guide for you to choose an initial program for your setup. The default program “90” would be suitable for you if your arrow velocity were 257f/s.

Remember, if you are shooting high, choose a higher program and if you are shooting low, choose a lower program.

Look-up chart, Garmin Xero, Automatic Bow Sight, Bow Hunting, Hunting, Archery, Shooting, target distances, aim, shot, sight tapes
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