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bow sight lens massive advantage

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Nowadays, many of the adjustable bow sights have a small lens with a dot or pin in the center of the lens. This lens moves up and down with the pin as the sight is adjusted.

Although this is often a big help to those who have less than 20/20 vision, some of these lenses are around 20mm in diameter and only allows you to see a portion of the target, others are slightly bigger, but still present the problem of the sight window moving up or down. This moving up or down can cause you to slightly alter your anchor point, because you need to follow the sight window through the peep.

The Suresight comes standard with a sight window lens that is optional for you to use if you need it. This allows you see the complete sight picture "magnified".

Some people who have good enough vision use the lens anyway because of the way it clears up and magnifies the target, Others may look through the lens and see it magnified but a bit of a blurry, this means that you need to install a clarifier in your peep.

Either way at the end of the day the lens is a huge advantage and could cost an arm or a leg to have fitted on an alternate sight, and then you would still need to make sight tapes install sight light etc.

With the Suresight, the lens is now part of the package, and there are all the necessary corresponding programs to accommodate the lens.

This lens can be fitted to the V6 which has a rangefinder and the V6.1 which you can manually input the distance and alternate between multi-pin and single-pin adjustable.



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