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The countdown has started

Lightweight and durable
Sure Sight V6

Sure Sight are proud to bring to market our new Lightweight and durable Automatic bow sight
Tried and tested in all conditions and situations the Sure Sight V6 has proven its self over and over
If you are looking to improve your #bowhunting #skills or perfect your #accuracy with a #bow, then the #Suresight #easy to use bow sight is for you.

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Oct 20, 2018

I have been a keen observer on the R&D of this sight from the beginning (2013) and to say that I'm impressed with the final Version 6 sight would be an understatement. I am not aware of any other commercially sold sight out there that can favourably compare with this sight. It doesn't matter what make of compound bow you own; what draw length you are or what draw weight you shoot. It also doesn't matter what arrow weights you shoot. The sights' computer software integrates all of these factors over a comprehensive range of internal programs which take into consideration all of these factors. Once the sight is mounted, you need only test shoot the sight over a few…

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